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Welcome to Intellibarter.

Most of us have things we don't need, want, use or find interesting any more. What are our options? We could try to sell them; we could throw them away or maybe give them away. We want to provide another choice - Barter! Finding partners to barter with, however, has been a hit-or-miss kind of thing, as getting the word out to others that you have something for trade is difficult. Until now.

By using the internet, we can find people who share our interests, read similar books, listen to similar music and collect similar items. With this larger community, bartering will be fast and fun and will provide you with an alternative to the usual process of buying-using-and-throwing away. And, to help you in your barter experience, we have created an easy to use, personalized way to ask questions of your fellow members.

Through our Expert Q&A; service, you can seek advice and get opinions, and interact with other members of the barter community in a format that eliminates searching, sorting and the frustration of expired postings we have all felt while posting on discussion boards. Now, you can ask a personalized question and get personalized answers without searching or clicking through a mountain of search engine results! Please read our overview to familiarize yourself with our system.

Why should I Use the Barter System?

The barter system has been around for a long time and has many advantages...some are:

  1. Not paying full retail prices (plus tax).

  2. Avoiding listing fees and percentage based broker fees, both of which are common in auctions.

  3. Getting good deals by trading with other individuals and not with businesses and merchants.

  4. Allowing users to trade outside of their areas of interest, for instance, a watch for a digital camera!

  5. You can post your items for an extended period of time. (With Intellibarter, listing is free and items may be listed for as long as you wish).

  6. Conserve resources - by reusing a book, you might save a tree.

How do I get started in the Barter Market?

Using our Barter Market is simple and involves six easy steps:

  1. Register for our services: Visitors can browse our Barter Market and see what our users are offering for trade, but in order to participate, you must first register as a user. If you would like to register now, go to our Registration Page.

  2. After you have registered, login and proceed to your Personal Barter Page. Your personal Barter Page is where you track and control your activities. From here you may add, modify, or delete items from your Personal Inventory and Want List.

  3. List everything you want to trade into your Personal Inventory and Want List.

  4. Browse, search, and match up your Want List and Personal Inventory and trade away! The Barter Agent, our automated search and matching tool, uses your Want List to find potential trades. You may also Browse or Search to find trades!

  5. When you find a match and both parties agree to the trade, your contact information will be provided to each other. Email your trade partner, get the details and have fun trading!

  6. Detailed help is available in the Help Section if you would like to know more. You may also send us an email containing your questions to: The Intellibarter system is founded on creating an easy to use, safe and enjoyable environment. And remember, trading is free until Spring of 2000!

What is the Expert Q&A; Service?

The Expert Q&A; Service is our way of providing a means for our users to seek advice, ask question and provide answers on topics that are relevant to our barter categories. As a registered user, you can pose questions to other users who have designated themselves as experts in an area in which they feel they have something special to contribute. Our users are a diverse and interesting bunch... We want everyone to benefit from our collective experience and knowledge. We think that our Expert service can be helpful in a number of ways:

  1. You can now ask specific questions and receive personal responses to your questions instead of trying to force the search engines to understand what you are seeking.

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  1. You can determine how long you want to have the question open to the experts. We've all had problems with discussion boards when the question we post falls off the end of the list!

  2. Our Expert Q&A; service is and always will be free! We think that information should be shared and made available to anyone that is interested, particularly in the areas that are represented in our barter market!

  3. If you are knowledgeable in your field, be it comic books, antiques, literature, camping or basket weaving, we want you to be recognized and rewarded. That's why we are giving something back to our expert. Every two months, our experts will be ranked by their contributions and awarded a dividend. This amount is based on our own funds from our own expert pool (provided by Intellibarter) as well as advertising revenue.

  4. Lastly and probably most important, seeking advice and receiving helpful opinions can really help improve our bartering experience.

How do I get started in the Expert Q&A; Service?

Using our Expert Q&A; Service is just as easy as using the Barter Market:

  1. Register for our services: You only have to register for Intellibarter once. If you have registered for the Barter Market, you are automatically registered for the Expert Q&A; service! If you would like to participate as an expert, all you have to do is make sure that you have selected "Yes" in the "You are an Expert" item in your registration. If you are unsure, you may check by using our "Modify User Profile" page and changing your status.

  2. After you have registered, you may visit your Personal Advice Page by navigating to the Advice section (our yellow area) and ask as many questions as you like in as many categories as you please! If you would like to answer questions as an expert, visit our Expert area (green) and declare yourself as an expert. Once you have declared as an expert, you may view and answer questions.

  3. If you are a contributing expert, you will be eligible for our rewards program. This is based on your contributions as an expert and will ensure that you are compensated for your efforts and energy.

  4. Every so often, as an advice seeker or expert you will want to visit your Personal Advice Page and Personal Expert Page to see if you have received any answers to your questions or if you have received any new questions to which you may know the answer. Make sure you visit frequently, as questions will expire and as an expert, you will want to answer as many questions as well as you can to help your expert ranking!

  5. Have fun. The Expert Q&A; System is designed to be easy to use and to create a smooth flow of information. We want our users to have access to constructive and productive dialogues so please be conscientious of your fellow users!

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